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The artist
Goalie Masks
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The artist
Hello, and thanks for checking out my site.
    I'm Shawn Babineau and I'm from Saint Louis de Kent, New Brunswick, Canada.  Ever since I was a kid, I've always enjoyed pencil drawing and painting with conventional brushes, in my late teens I discovered something better, the airbrush.  (1992)  Since then, I 've spent countless hours perfecting techniques and adding mileage to my airbrush. 
   The pursuit of my dream job, of being a full time custom  painter, has led me on an interesting road. I started like most, making more of a mess than anything else.  But, with each project I learned something and added to my experience.   I felt the need to learn more about prepping, automotive paints and clear coats so I completed a diploma in autobody(NBCCSJ 1997) 
While I worked a day job in insurance, I kept up my painting as a weekend hobby.  In  1999,  I decided to return to school but this time in animation and graphics and graduated from  NBCC Miramichi in December of 2002.  I soon noticed my improved drawing skills and artistic abilities transferred well to the airbrush.  I began getting requests for bikes, helmets, etc. and  I've been working as a freelance artist/graphic designer/painter/bodyman  ever since. 
I built my shop in 2004 with the help of supportive family and friends and I've been working from my Aldouane NB location since then.  This coastal area is very beautiful and quiet.   I find it to be the perfect environment to encourage my creativity and allows me to focus on my craft.   My work consists mostly of bikes, helmets, goalie masks, hoods, etc. .  But I am always willing to try somthing new and my setup is completely mobile so anything is possible.
I have been commissioned by various commercial and private clients.  My work has brought home numerous awards from car and bike shows locally, and nationally.
I welcome any questions or comments, as well as the chance to discuss any projects you might have in mind. 
Thanks again,
Shawn Babineau     

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