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F A Q's
Goalie Masks
F A Q's
The artist

This is where I try to answer the most common questions about my work.  If you have a question I don't cover here, just drop me a line.

1. How much does it cost for a helmet, bike, car, etc.?
Pricing will vary depending on several things.
  • the condition of the parts to be painted and how much prep/body work that will need to be done.  
  • the complexity of the design
  • the size/surface area to be covered.

The level of detail in the graphics is the main thing that determines price.   Vehicle prices can vary greatly so I'd need some details before giving a quote. 

Feel free to email me  pictures of  your vehicle, and any pictures you can provide to help describe what you'd like painted.  Quotes are much easier to give once I know all the details.

2. How long does it take?

Once again, this depends on the design and where it's going, as well as the time of year.  Helmets and masks are usually 3 weeks, Bikes 3-5 weeks, etc.  I operate on a first come, first served basis, but if a deadline is an issue, I'll do what I can.  

3. Do you disassemble/re-assemble the bike?

Some jobs require the bike to be assembled during paint for the continuity of the design from piece to piece(racers).  For low riders or 'tank and fenders' jobs, If possible, I prefer to have you bring me the pieces only.  It's more of a space issue in my shop, and of course, it's less expensive for you if I don't have to remove and install parts. 

4. Do you ship to the US?

Yes, happy to say shipping is availible worldwide.  

5. Do you clear your work yourself?

Yes, the prices include 4-6 coats of clear, wet sanded and buffed to a clean mirror finish. (no edges)

6. What does 'DEMONIC' mean?  Why did you choose that name?

While searching for a name for my shop, I found myself looking through the dictionary for something unique.  I came across the word  'DEMONIC'  and read the definition listed in Websters Dictionary.

 deˇmonˇic also daeˇmonˇic (d-mnk)adj.

  1. Befitting a demon; fiendish.
  2. Motivated by a spiritual force or vision; inspired.

The first one is representative of a lot of the work in my portfolio, sculls, fire, hellish' kinda stuff.  The second definition struck me because it accurately describes the process when I paint.   I tend to become very inspired and ignore pretty much everything except what I'm working on.   I didn't find anything else that I liked as much, or was as fitting.    

So, I hope the name doesn't scare anyone away, offend anyone or give the impression that sculls are all I can paint.  I welcome any project, from a crazy chopper to a baby's nursery.  


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